Season One (2010)

B!G BROTHER BREAKdown was played between July 11th, 2010 lasting forty-five days and completing on August 25th, 2010 when Jeffrey Kelly was crowned the winner with three votes from the jury plus one he won in a challenge. The format of BREAKdown follows the rules of Big Brother (U.S.)and Big Brother (UK) with a group of contestants referred to as HouseGuests compete in challenges for Control over who is nominated, and ultimately, evicted from the competition until two players remain on the Final Night. The theme of the season was Dystopia. On Day 12 in the game, Ron Wrobel, a Tanning Salon manager was brought into the competition.

The season is notable in that the powers do not follow the typical format of Big Brother (U.S.) as HoH is replaced with "BreakDown Challenge" and PoV is replaced with "ShakeUP", additionally, there was a third power known as ShakeDown that can replace all nominees. - this trend would follow in future seasons with different variations to BreakDown and ShakeUP.


Season Two (2010)

B!G BROTHER BREAKdown 2 (also known as Breakdown 2 or BD2) began shortly after the first season, starting on September 6th, 2010. The theme of the season is Grunge Carnival. The game started out with fourteen HouseGuests, however on Day 7 a new HouseGuest was introduced - Joey. HouseGuests in this season were not given the right to nominate for a second nominee, instead all nominations would be determined by the Ring Leader. This season saw former HouseGuests from BreakDown 1 return in a ShakeUP challenge.

This season had Ring Leader with the two powers of Dictate & Split which replaced BreakDown Challenge, and a new ShakeUP known as the Golden ShakeUP was implemented.


Season Three (2010)

(also known as Breakdown 3 or BD3) has been confirmed for a 2011 release. A promo was released on September 14th, 2010. The theme of the season will be Pirate Crews however any other information at this time is presently unknown.

B!G BROTHER BREAKdown 4 (also known as Breakdown 4 or BD4) has been confirmed for a 2011 release. No information has been revealed.

B!G BROTHER BREAKdown 5 (also known as Breakdown 5 or BD5) has been confirmed for a 2011 release. No information has been revealed.

B!G BROTHER BREAKdown 6 (also known as Breakdown Legends) has been confirmed for a 2011 release, Production has stated this will be a season for former players.